Issue № 1 (17). 2017.

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Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Danilyuk A.Creation of global educational net
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Kolesnikova I.Meaning and logic of training the theacher for upbringing (as a reaction to the emergence of a professional standard of specialist in education)
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Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia

Diduk I.The study of pedagogical dynasties as a source of transfer of traditions of service to the profession under the circumstances of pragmatization in the sphere of education
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Grishina J.Pre-university component of lifelong education
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Human and teaching resources of continuing education

Georgiadi A., Georgiadi A.On the choice of educational web resource
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Volosnikova T., Emanuel J., Emanuel T.Realization of teachers in- house training in the field of healthsaving activities in the context of lifelong learning
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Education Management in an open global society

Ruess A., Hildebrandt E.Professionalisation in co-teaching by reflection and co-construction - importance for internships in tandem
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Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Garkavenko Z.Open family studios: capacity, experience and barriers
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Discussion platform

Valitskaya A.Paradigmatic changes and errors of russian education modernization
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Modern scientific vocabulary of lifelong learning

Eflova Z.The relevance of definition of «ungraded school»
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