Diduk I. The study of pedagogical dynasties as a source of transfer of traditions of service to the profession under the circumstances of pragmatization in the sphere of education. LIFELONG EDUCATION: The 21st Century.
2017. № 1 (17). DOI: 10.15393/j5.art.2017.3405

Issue 1 (17)

Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia


The study of pedagogical dynasties as a source of transfer of traditions of service to the profession under the circumstances of pragmatization in the sphere of education

Diduk Irina
associate professor
vice-rector for research and design of pedagogical activities of the Smolensk Regional Institute of Educational Development
(Smolensk, Russia)
pedagogical profession
pedagogical dynasty
integral characteristics
competency-based paradigm
professional standard
Abstract: the goal of the article is to draw attention to the study of pedagogical dynasties as one of the sources of keeping the national traditions for service to the profession. In the situation of understanding modern education as the service sphere the preference is given to a teacher’s profes-sional qualities rather than personal ones. The author gives brief characteristics of the professional standard of a teacher from the perspective of the competency-based paradigm of modern education, enumerating the problems faced by the teachers in everyday pedagogical practice demanding not only professionalism, but also active civic position, initiative, personal responsibility. The contra-diction between the requirements put forward by the government to the professional activities of a teacher and the learners’ preferences, where the personal (axiological) component is being empha-sized, makes the problem of pedagogical dynasties actual. A pedagogical dynasty, being the insuf-ficiently explored phenomenon of the Russian educational system, bears the unique experience of loyalty to the idea of service in pedagogical profession. Based on the primary analysis of the archive materials and the massif of empirical data about pedagogical dynasties of the Smolensk oblast, the author presents integral characteristics of a pedagogical dynasty as a special phenomenon the study of which allows rethinking the essence of professional activity for a modern teacher
Paper submitted on: 03/07/2017; Accepted on: 03/15/2017; Published online on: 03/22/2017.

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