Issue № 2 (14). 2016.

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Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Subetto A.Noosphere foundations of lifelong learning in xxi century
Displays: 8229; Downloads: 1224;
Severin S.Metadisciplinary modul «Pedagogical projecting» as an invariant component of pedagogical lifelong learning education
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Learning throughout the life

Babakova T., Levina O.Open university at petrozavodsk state unuversity as a phenomenon of adult education
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Meijlink W.Lifelong learning autobiography
Displays: 3274; Downloads: 782;

Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia

Nechaeva L.Сontinuity in Teaching Writing in English to Secondary School Graduates and University Students of Non-linguistic Faculties
Displays: 5263; Downloads: 740;
Eflova Z.Succession problems of labor education in a modern rural school
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Education Management in an open global society

Vanhemping E.«The Baltic vector» for academic mobility: innovation discourse for the Russian-speaking professorate and young researchers intellectual internship of post-Soviet countries in Scandinavia
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Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Selivanov V., Selivanova L.The influence of virtual reality means on personality formation
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Discussion platform

Tebenkova E.The place and role of moral-ecological identity development for a lifelong learning subject
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Modern scientific vocabulary of lifelong learning

Oreshkin V.The notion of success in the context of current education
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