Issue № 4 (8). 2014.

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"In memoriam..."

.Academic advising as co-existence (in honour of L. Luzina)
Displays: 5174; Downloads: 1030;

Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Kolesnikova I. A.Transdisciplinary strategy of lifelong education research
Displays: 24771; Downloads: 1564;

Learning throughout the life

Robotova A. S.People of the third age as actors of lifelong education: methodology and research
Displays: 14390; Downloads: 1816;

Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia

Efremova N. N.Pedagogical support in foreign language learning as a prerequisite for academic mobility (through the example of teaching french for academic purposes)
Displays: 5966; Downloads: 973;

Education Management in an open global society

Solomatin A. M.Management of an educational institution in the context of system changes
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Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Brigmane B.Improvement of new entrepreneurs self-experience in further education
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Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Nedbailik S., Staton M.Interactive approach to teaching English composition/composing research (through the experience of participating in an experimental project)
Displays: 6506; Downloads: 751;
Ispenkov A. N.Research- and project-based activity in the field of computer science as a means of modern school students' personal fulfillment and creative development
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Discussion platform

Pichugina V.Lifelong educational care of the self in the age of metamodern
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Modern scientific vocabulary of lifelong learning

Gvozdeva M.Oxymoron and metaphorical nature of modern assessment procedures in Russia
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