Issue № 2 . 2013.

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 From the Editors
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Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Bermous A. G.Ontological turn in the education sciences
Displays: 9359; Downloads: 1677;
Titova E. V.Socio-kinetics as methodological resource
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Learning throughout the life

Robotova A. S.Word-humanitarian foundations of self-education: biographical time reflection
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Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia

Novikov S. G.The problems of the upbringing in the context of the post-industrial modernization of Russia
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Ignatovich Y. V.Institutions of continuing education social-pedagogical mission
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Education Management in an open global society

Sokolova E. I.European union policy in lifelong foreign language learning
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Romanovskaya I. V.Problem-oriented institutions activities for disabled adults in the system of lifelong education in Sweden
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Human and teaching resources of continuing education

Ognev A. S., Gonchar S. N.Positive psychology in the system of continuous professional education (for example, the course «Vital navigation»)
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Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Arkhipova O. V.Implementation of consecutive education model in the contemporary social-cultural environment (based on the experience of non-governmental institution «NEoAcademy»)
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Discussion platform

Tan J. P., McWilliam E. L.Cognitive playfulness, creative capacity and generation
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Modern scientific vocabulary of lifelong learning

Kolesnikova I. A.New literacy and new illiteracy of the XXI century
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