Issue № 1 (9). 2015.

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"In memoriam..."

Polyakov S.In honour of V. Karakovsky
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Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Kolesnikova I., Titova E.Scientific and pedagogical quality parameters of strategic documents in the field of education
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Learning throughout the life

Vasileva Y., Ignatovich Y. W.The system of lifelong multi-level professional education in Great Britain
Displays: 11880; Downloads: 837;
Klim-Klimashevska A.Lifelong adult education in Poland
Displays: 6148; Downloads: 827;

Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia

Novichonok A., Skorikova N.State and prospects of additional astronomy education of school students in Russia: continuity and variability
Displays: 16345; Downloads: 1055;
Volodina L.Continuous development of spiritual and moral values of family education: the problem of variability and stability
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Education Management in an open global society

Daxner M.Creativity and cultural unfolding under military intervention
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Pevsner M., Petryakov P.International academy as a source for lifelong education of modern scientists
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Human and teaching resources of continuing education

Izmagurova V.The concept of continuous joint development as the basis of the coaching methodology
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Innovative approaches to lifelong learning

Selivanov V., Selivanova L.Effectiveness of the use of virtual reality for youth and adult education
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Discussion platform

Kuzmina I.Patriotic consciousness of educational process participants: theoretical foundations of value diagnostics
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Modern scientific vocabulary of lifelong learning

Kupriyanov B.Pedagogical team as a social organism (Metaphorical representation of the concept)
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