Issue № 1 . 2013.

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Lifelong learning in the modern world: the research and design methodology

Kolesnikova I. A.Lifelong education in the 21st century: new research perspectives
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Arkhipova O. V.Philosophical and cultural roots of education during the life process: contemporary context
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Learning throughout the life

Serikov V. V.Personality development function of lifelong education
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Problems of continuity of training and education in Russia

Moskvina A.Inclusive approarch to lifelong education for disabled
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Education Management in an open global society

Galkovskaya I. V.Integration processes in continuing education
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Sigova S. V., Serebryakov A. G., Luksha P. O.Creating the list of competences in demand: first russian experience
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Human and teaching resources of continuing education

Mikhailov A. V.School as a self-learning organization
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Maralova E. A.Methodology and technology of the problem-centered model of educational process in the system of teachers professional development
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Discussion platform

Marhl M., Pausits A.Third mission indicators for new ranking methodologies
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Modern scientific vocabulary of lifelong learning

Ignatovich Y. V.English terms describing lifelong education: contemporary context
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