From the Editors. LIFELONG EDUCATION: The 21st Century.
2013. № 4. DOI: 10.15393/

Issue 4


From the Editors

The winter issue of the on-line journal "Lifelong Education: the XXI Century" is offered to your attention. We start a new "In memoriam" section  dedicated to the articles about passed away scientists, educationalists, teachers who have left an imprint on the lives of their students and triggered their scientific and professional development. The section is initiated with the article in honor of St. Petersburg professor Z.I.Vasilyeva,  the member of the Russian Academy of Education and Doctor of Education. This article was prepared by her students and it is based on retrospective review of their cooperation.

The self-reflection on one's own educational pathway is presented in another article showing the opportunities of different fields for lifelong learning and the integration between technical and humanitarian spheres. The readers will be interested in the comparison of formal, non-formal, and informal education through the author's personal and professional experience. The understanding of academic mobility as a personal quality continues the idea of education throughout the life with the focus on a foreign language acquisition in another article.

Considerable attention is paid to the opportunities for planning and designing in the context of lifelong learning theory and practice. Project-based approach is presented as a methodology of creating the conditions for continuing personal development as well as the development of teacher's professional competence in order to build students' information and communication technologies (ICT) skills.

The creating of professional and educational standard is analyzed in the context of university innovative development strategy. "Innovation pipeline" practice is proposed as a long-range and beneficial for university entrepreneurial environment form of continuing professional education.

A fresh approach to the principles of continuous upbringing in the modern world is proposed. The principle of noosphere synergy is substantiated in the article dedicated to spiritual ecological upbringing and human development in the context of noosphere philosophy. Humanitarian mission of education is considered within the framework of prisoners' rehabilitation in the Russian correctional system.

Modern lifelong learning vocabulary enrichment continues in this issue. The comparison of the terms "coach", "mentor", "tutor",  "facilitator", and "advisor" united by the idea of pedagogical guidance at different stages of learning is presented (both in Russian and foreign contexts). The opportunities of coaching for junior university teachers are shown in the example of a German university practice.

We express our gratitude to the authors and active website visitors for kind attention to our journal. In the coming year we wish you health, happiness, renewed energy, and inspiration for creative growth. We are always looking for new articles.

The Editorial Board


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