Vildt B. Coaching as a form of junior university teachers consulting. LIFELONG EDUCATION: The 21st Century.
2013. № 4. DOI: 10.15393/

Issue 4

Human and teaching resources of continuing education


Coaching as a form of junior university teachers consulting

Vildt B
Сertified psychologist, teacher.
continuing education
didactic innovations
competency development
continuing professional development
Abstract: In this article the effective organization of continuing professional development of university scientific staff is analyzed. The author discusses the implementation of consulting in the system of continuing professional development so as to support a desire to achieve good results among scientific staff. The emphasis is placed on the analysis of coaching as a consulting form that is both process- and result-oriented. Coaching helps junior university teachers learn complex didactic material. In terms of the shift from teaching to learning, coaching promotes the implementation of didactic innovations in university teaching. This refers to the development of teacher's competencies in the context of higher education and continuing education didactics. The term «coaching» and its main objectives are examined in the article. In addition to that, the draft of the coaching program for junior university teachers is outlined. Coaching is defined as the learning cycle with the particular attention to the core aspects of education and to the development of professional competencies.

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