Kuts V. A. Lifelong education: the experience of self-reflection. LIFELONG EDUCATION: The 21st Century.
2013. № 4. DOI: 10.15393/j5.art.2013.2164

Issue 4

Learning throughout the life


Lifelong education: the experience of self-reflection

Kuts V A
PhD, chief researcher at the joint stock company “Concern “Granit-Electron”.
(St. Petersburg)
life invariants
life choices
individual trajectory of education
lifelong learning
Russian fisticuffs
technical and humanitarian education
and informal education
Abstract: The author of the presented article is not an educationalist, however all the stages of his life, all the defining life choices, and a large part of his life are related to the education – formal, non-formal, and informal. This article gives an analysis of these choices through retrospection and self-reflection. The internal logic and consistency of the decisions are revealed. School, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Ph.D in Engineering, working in defense industry, the research in the field of cultural studies – this is the stage of life associated with formal education. The mastering and instruction of the Russian fisticuffs for 30 years, teaching the Russian folklore, their integration into post-nonclassical culture, publishing books on cultural and pedagogical analysis of fisticuffs, publishing several books of poems – this is the second stage connected with the first one and associated with non-formal education. Meetings with creative people, the upbringing of children, the situations of spontaneity and creativity – all that are the constituents of informal education.
The analysis of the various life trajectories showed the essential unity of the educational trajectory. Personal educational experience in technical and humanitarian spheres is interpreted by the author as the development of means of protection and self-defense. This educational trajectory contains certain invariants of the XXI century education focused on the integrated nonlinear processes, on culturocentrism, and on variability – and therefore it might be interesting and useful for the specialists in the field of lifelong learning.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15393/j5.art.2013.2164