2017. № 2 (18). DOI: 10.15393/

Issue 2 (18)

Education Management in an open global society



Sokolova E I
Associate Professor
Head of Foreign Languages Department of the Institute of Foreign Languages at Petrozavodsk State University
(Russia, Petrozavodsk)
lifelong education
adult education
European countries.
Abstract: the article focuses on the problems of lifelong learning in European countries. On the basis of the open Internet resources the lifelong learning development in the top five European countries is analyzed. They are: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, and the Netherlands. The unique way for every country of realizing the common European strategy in the field of lifelong learning is described. The problems faced by every country are discussed. Despite of common educational strategies for all countries, there are unique features for every participant of European Lifelong learning. For example, Denmark has pursued efforts to improve the quality of its education system; Finland’s education system performs well in terms of both the quantitative targets and the quality of educational outcomes. France faces two major problems − school failure and low adult participation in lifelong learning. The Netherlands has strengthened the implementation of its lifelong learning strategy by setting up new structures ensuring inter- and intra-governmental coordination. The information and conclusions proposed by the author are of interest to researchers and managers of continuing education, as well as specialists in the field of comparative pedagogy.
Paper submitted on: 05/04/2017; Accepted on: 05/27/2017; Published online on: 06/24/2017.


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